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Cash Incentives

FGL recognizes your determination and hard work. We offer multiple cash incentive programs throughout each calendar year. For past incentives, we have awarded our agents with Cash Bonuses, Cash Drawings, and even Merchandise.

FGL Genshare (Profit Sharing)

FGL is giving back to our agents more than EVER before. Now, you TRULY get paid for what you do! The harder you work, the more profit sharing you qualify for.
HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: Profit Sharing Program (Click Here)

FGL Trips

First Generation Life recognizes that offering solutions with one carrier is not the best for every client. We reward our agents on their overall production within our agency not just one specific carrier. FGL provides a production-based incentive trip to our agents who qualify, and qualifying is easy. Some of our past trips include Cancun, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Bahamas and many Cruises.

FGL Ring Club


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