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Percent of NFL players go broke within two years after their career ends.
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Our Mission

  • To make a financial impact on the lives of professional athletics by preparing them for life after the game.
  • To break the generational cycle of financial stress and poverty of the professional athlete during their retirement called “Life After The Game.”
  • To help current athletes break the cycle of mismanaging their wealth.

How We Will Achieve Our Mission

We educate and reveal past pitfalls that have caused athletes to go broke or enter financial stress within two years after retirement.
FGL wants to close the gap on financial stress for professional athletes by utilizing the correct financial vehicles with proven illustrations from prominent A+ rated Life insurance companies with well over 100 years of experience. By implementing this strategy, we know we are confident we will accomplish this.
Financial Stress (Going Broke) After Retirement Statistics
Boxing 90%
Basketball 60%
Baseball 75%
Football 78%

Are you a wealth management specialist?

We are currently looking for experienced wealth management officials to help oversee accounts for both
retired and active professional athletes!


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