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Are you new to the insurance business?

We know it like you’re the new kid on the block. You may be asking yourself, "Where do I go?", "What happens next?", "How do I get paid?", or "What questions do I ask?" FGL completely understands how you feel, and that is why when you speak with a mentor, you will be educated about some of the MOST important factors that matter most. We know EXACTLY why agents do not last in this business, and you will learn that in your phone interview. FGL has partnered with one of the largest Final Expense companies in the country: SENIOR LIFE! Our unique system allows you to simply:

  • Receive leads requested NOW!
  • Write the client NOW!
  • Get paid NOW!
  • Lead cost taken out of commission on the back end!
  • The perfect way to start your new business journey with confidence and focus. Just focus on writing and blessing families meanwhile blessing yours with DAILY deposits!
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Most agencies REQUIRE you to pay out of pocket and upfront for leads, but NOT with First Generation Life!

Upfront charges has crippled new agent growth when trying to decide whether to buy leads or pay their car note. FGL keeps it simple so that you can focus on staying in front of more qualified prospects.

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//Entry-Level FAQs

  • What is a chargeback and can it hurt my business?

    A chargeback is when an agent commission % is paid back because a policy lapsed during the first 6mths. chargebacks are prorated of course. Too many chargebacks in a short period of time can hurt your career. FGL will plug you into our 7 STEPS sale system helping to reduce chargebacks. The 7 STEPS system has been known and proven to keep persistency above 93% for years.

  • Can I get leads and how much are they?

    FGL exclusive lead sources range from TV leads, Direct Mail, telemarketing, social media. FGL does NOT resell leads to our agents. Leads range from $12 – $32. FGL also allows you to pay for leads through commissions making it easier to survive and thrive in this business.

  • Are there advancement opportunities?

    Many levels of success awaits you. FGL does NOT believe in having a stagnant career. We want you to continue climbing to higher contracts, ultimately putting more $$ in your pockets.

  • Why is VESTED important?

    Vested is one of the MOST important aspects of the insurance business. THIS IS YOUR LEGACY and MOST companies fail to protect your legacy. Building a residual for you and your family means everything. Imagine working hard for the next 3yrs…Long hours, weekends, meeting with clients. You have built a residual income of $2K/mo and then it happens….You decide to leave the company or worse, you pass away. What happens to the $2K renewal check that YOU worked so hard to grow? A better question is, who do you want this money to continue going to…you or the company?

  • What does VESTED mean?

    Vested means YOU will continue receiving your renewals as long as the premium is paid by your clients. SO, how long do you have to be with a company before you are VESTED? Some companies take 2-10yrs while other companies NEVER ALLOW YOU TO BECOME VESTED, is this fair to your family? At First Generation Life, leaving a legacy to your next generation is what we focus on, therefore our agents are VESTED day 1. We believe that because YOU were working hard to provide for your family, the money should continue to your family.

  • Does First Generation Life provide hands-on training?

    Each agent will not ONLY attend the best fast start class training ever experienced. There are scheduled presentation role play and in the field ride along experience as well. We have a proven successful training system to help you jump start your career.

  • How fast will I get paid?

    Some of our carriers are SAME day advance, while other carriers with FGL pays out 24-48 hours.

//Our Partnership with Senior Life

Giving You the Best of Both Worlds

First Generation Life's partnership with Senior Life gives our agents access to thousands of qualified leads through Facebook, Direct Mail, TV and the Leads the Way app.

Access to Profit Sharing From 2 Companies<

Access to Profit Sharing From 2 Companies

Rapid Advancement Starting Day 1<

Rapid Advancement Starting Day 1

Win Trips From 2 Companies<

Win Trips From 2 Companies

Introducing LEADS THE WAY: The ONLY company with this cutting edge technology to get you in front of your prospect FASTER than the rest.


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